“Hey, I’m Kylie and I’ve been using the 1000words app for five months now.

My wake-up call was seeing my friend handling a conversation in Spanish when I was sure that she can’t speak any other language.

I was so out of shape in terms of learning something new that I was starting to worry. And to be honest seeing my friend start speaking Spanish when I had a dream to be at least conversational Spanish - made me feel anxious.

I was introduced to the 1000words app after asking her how she did it and I fell in love with it right away.
The app completely adjusted to my personal skill level and set realistic language learning goals for the upcoming month.

Five months after, I could handle a conversation with my friend! I even planned a trip to Spain and it was great! The app gave me a daily learning plan that helps me to reach my goals month after month. I’m still not perfect, but I can handle a conversation in Spanish. I couldn’t be happier.”